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WoodStone Rock Garden – Maroon Dahlia’s

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Maroon Dahlia’s in the WoodStone Rock Garden – Late September 2012

155 700x232The maroon dahlia’s I planted in our WoodStone Rock Garden in 2012 were one of my favorite flowers in the rock garden.  I bought them already planted and blooming in pots and then planted them in the rock garden.  They continued to bloom well into the fall.

(Click on the photos below to enlarge them.)

I took these photos one evening  in late September last year just before the sun set… my favorite time of day to be out in the garden watering and enjoying all the plants and flowers!

157 800x640

I also loved the yellow Dahlia’s pictured below.  They all did very well here 🙂

127 800x599  Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide

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