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WoodStone Rock Garden – Column Basalt Rock Groupings

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Groupings of Columnar Basalt Rocks In The Garden Borders

When we finished planting the garden, I started planting the garden borders with Sedum, Dahlia’s, grasses and Lilies (so far) around the column basalt groupings that Jesse placed in groupings in the garden border.

I plan to add a few more plants and shrubs (and anything else I can think of!) and then we’ll put down weed barrier and top it off with WoodStone Decorative Rock.

The weed barrier and WoodStone Decorative Rock will definitely go a long way towards making the garden borders as maintenance free as they can be, not to mention pulling everything together to give the borders a finished look.

Heaven knows we’ll have enough weeding to do in the garden itself!

Even Mae Mae was happy the work was done for the day!

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