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WoodStone Rock Garden – Color and Texture In The Rock Garden

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“If It Survives and Thrives, We’ll Keep It!.”

WoodStone Decorative Rock 049 800x272

As I work on creating our WoodStone Rock Garden this year, I’m having a lot of fun playing around with color and a variety of texture combinations to add interest to the rock garden.

I also love to add interest in the rock garden using weathered half whiskey barrels and other old, wooden planters.

Another favorite is outdoor or farm antiques.  I recently added the old, rusty milk can below and planted it with petunias 🙂

WoodStone 011 700x525

Everything is an experiment this year… some things and/or ideas are working out and others aren’t.  The fun is in the process and the “finding out” if it works!

And, we’ve decided to adopt one rule for the plants and flowers that we grow here:

“If it survives and thrives, we’ll plant more of it.  If it doesn’t, we’ll focus on other plants that do!”

WoodStone Decorative Rock 022 700x257

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