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WoodStone Decorative Rock – Characteristics


WoodStone Decorative Rock's Unique

Combination Of Characteristics

WoodStone Decorative Rock is a wonderful new attractive all natural decorative rock groundcover.  However, unlike landscape bark and other stone groundcover's, WoodStone's unique combination of characteristics make it very versatile and ideal for many other uses in your landscape!

WoodStone is the ideal natural alternative to landscape bark

and other stone groundcover's that homeowners

and businesses have been waiting for!

It's also a very appealing groundcover choice for many other reasons ~ as well as being probably the most cost effective groundcover choice available today.

The Perfect Natural Replacement For And Permanent Alternative

To Landscape Bark Groundcovers or Mulches...

WoodStone is exactly what everyone's been looking and waiting for... for quite some time... as a replacement for bark and bulkier stone groundcover choices...  In fact, it's the hottest new landscape rock groundcover product in the Inland Northwest today, outselling it's competitors by as much as five-to- one!
With the cost of bark rising and the availability of bark shrinking, WoodStone's the perfect natural alternative to using bark in the landscape, especially in our local "four-season" climate.  And, unlike bark, it's a gorgeous permanent solution to your groundcover needs.
A few of the characteristics that our wholesale customers, as well as homeowners, landscapers and real estate developers, love about WoodStone are:

Natural Earthtone ~ Blue Slate Color Pallet That Is Visually

Similar To Landscape Bark

WoodStone has a very natural earthtone~blue slate color combination that looks fabulous in just about any groundcover or landscape application.  In addition, it's overall natural appearance and stunning visual effect in the landscape is very similar to bark's overall natural and visually pleasing effect.
However, there's a catch.... WoodStone's look doesn't deteriorate and fade away or rot into the landscape like bark does! It's appearance and it's wonderful characteristic natural color pallet only deepens and improves with exposure to the elements and over time!  Very important in our local four-season climate...

Light Weight, Thin, Oblong Shape That Stretches

The Landscape Dollar!

WoodStone is comparatively light weight and has a thin, oblong shape.  As a result of it's light weight, you can haul or ship more WoodStone for the same cost you'd pay to ship much less of similar, less attractive and heavier groundcover products.  
And with fuel and freight costs on the rise, on larger projects especially, what you'll save on freight can add up to a sizable savingsalone, depending on the size of the project.
In addition, WoodStone's thin, oblong shape also stretches the landscape dollar even further by covering more square footage than bulkier stone groundcover products.

All-Natural Landscape Rock Groundcover Product Produced

Locally = Savings Passed Along To Customers!

What WoodStone isn't: 

WoodStone isn't imported from places like China. It's produced right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest keeping your hard earned dollars invested locally and improving our local economy... instead of supporting foreign economies!
WoodStone isn't a crushed groundcover product which, as a result, means that all the edges, sides or surfaces of our WoodStone groundcover are natural.  WoodStone is simply screened into consistent sizes before shipping..... retaining a very natural appearance.
In addition to retaining the attractive natural edges or surfaces, the fact that we don't have to crush our groundcover allows us topass on the savings in crushing costs (or rather, lack of crushing costs) to our customers helping to keep the retail price of WoodStone very reasonable as well.


WoodStone Decorative Rock Groundcover's Unique Characteristics - A Winning Combination!

In summary, WoodStone is a natural shale landscape rock groundcover product that has a beautiful natural high-end earth-tone/blue slate color combination.  It's  non-combustable and lightweight.  It's thin, oblong shape covers more ground than other similar products and makes it perfect for use on slopes.
WoodStone looks similar to bark yet it doesn't have to be replaced seasonally or yearly to maintain it's beautiful, natural appearance.  It retains water as well as bark and is safe around trees, shrubs, plants and grasses.

WoodStone's Multiple Landscape Applications And Uses

It can be used in all normal groundcover applications as well as in pathways, streams & ponds, on slopes and in many other landscape applications.  Unlike it's competitor's, it's a beautiful permanent solution to all kinds of landscape problems.....all in one gorgeous and stunning natural product!

High-End Finished Look That Stretches The Landscape Dollar

If you're looking for a groundcover product that not only looks natural but is natural..... that has the same high-end finished look that you get when you first install bark in your borders and numerous other landscape areas..... a groundcover that stretches the landscape dollar because it's lightweight and covers more square footage than many other bark and stone groundcover products..... as well as reducing watering needs and expenses.....

A Groundcover That Saves You Money Season After Season,

Year After Year!

A groundcover product that saves you money season after season, year after year because it only needs to be installed once for years of beautiful, low-maintenance borders and landscape areas..... a groundcover product that won't deteriorate, rot or fade away after a season or two.....

A Non-Combustable Landscape Groundcover That Is Safe

Around All Things Natural


A groundcover product that reduces fire danger around your home because it won't burn helping to create a gorgeous, natural fire-defensable space in the areas where it's installed..... a groundcover product that is safe to use around trees, shrubs, plants and grasses and that looks fabulous in just about any landscape..... then WoodStone is your answer!

WoodStone Decorative Rock.....The New Solution To Numerous Landscape Groundcover Problems.....  All Wrapped Up In One

Fantastic And Unmatched Groundcover Product!

Other landscape rock and landscape bark groundcover products may solve one or two groundcover problems but there is no other landscape groundcover product available, natural or man-made, that can solve all of your problems like WoodStone Decorative Rock groundcover does!

Finally... A "High-End Look" Decorative Rock That

Has Unmatched Multiple Uses & Saves You

Money In Multiple Ways!