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Country Cottage Project ~ WoodStone Decorative Rock Borders and Pathway

 We did the landscape project pictured below a few years back at a rental home that had a very, very unappealing entrance.

WoodStone Decorative Rock Pathway (20)

Former owners had kept their dogs in the front yard where the main entrance to the home was located.  Their dogs were large breed dogs and they had all but destroyed the area.  They had dug holes everywhere and only patches of scraggly grass remained in the yard area.

Before Panaramic 003 700x149

The picket fence was also in very bad shape and what once had been flower borders were filled with overgrown weeds.

After Panaramic 006 700x168

Cleaning up the area, adding WoodStone to the borders and pathways, repairing and painting the picket fence and installing a little new sod made a world of difference!

WoodStone Decorative Stone Borders (4) 700x245

WoodStone Decorative Rock Borders and Pathway Photo Gallery

(Click on the photos below to enlarge them)

~ Before and After Photos ~

Before_001 799x532


WoodStone Decorative Stone Borders (1)


Before_004_op_800x533 799x532


WoodStone Decorative Rock Pathway (5)


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