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WoodStone Decorative Rock – Benefits and Solutions


WoodStone Decorative Rock's Numerous

& Versatile Landscape Solutions!


WoodStone Decorative Rock is a very versatile landscape rock product that can be used in your landscape in numerous ways that are both functional and appealing.
However, WoodStone is also used in the landscape to solve many of our most concerning, annoying and/or challenging landscape problems, as well.
Below you'll discover a few of the landscape "problems" that a person may or may not think of or consider when searching for the ideal landscape groundcover for their own landscape project.
Although these landscape problems are often overlooked and not thought of (as they aren't always obvious) they can be very important... WoodStone Decorative Rock provides an attractive, functional solution to the following landscape problems, as well as, many others in your landscape:

WoodStone's Ideal For Creating "Attractive" Wildfire Defense Spaces

Do you have an area in your landscape that is overgrown with weeds or grasses that could become a fire hazard during dry periods?  Being a natural shale product, WoodStone is ideal for creating and beautifying wildfire defense spaces naturally around homes with a stunning and beautiful non-combustable shale groundcover that won't burn like wood or bark products can. 
It can be easily installed in almost any area around a home to create, enlarge and improve a homes' defensable space or buffer zone reducing concerns of structure loss due to a wildfire, if installed properly, for years to come.


Reduce Your Water Consumption & Irrigation Costs

If you're concerned about conserving water or reducing your irrigation costs, WoodStone's also perfect for reducing the need to irrigate large areas of the landscape without giving up an absolutely gorgeous landscape, especially during city or community required water-rationing periods or in drought areas. 
As a natural shale product, WoodStone Decorative Rock retains water as well as landscape bark does and it's absolutely safe to use around trees, shrubs, grasses and plants.

Stabilize Your Steep Banks, Slopes & Other Problem Areas

WoodStone's characteristic thin, flat, oblong shape allows WoodStone to remain in place on steep slopes and in problem areas of the landscape when compared to bulkier, round bark and stone groundcovers that tend to roll or easily slip down a slope... creating errosion problems rather than helping with errosion problems. 
The WoodStone shale chips seem to interlock because of their flat shape which enables it to remain in place much better than round groundcovers that tend to roll and move much more easily. 

Discourage "Kitty Litter" Use Of Your Landscape Borders & Flowerbeds

If you've ever had your beautiful borders or flowerbeds used as a kitty-litter by your pets.....or the neighbors pets..... you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!  It's not pleasant, to say the least...
WoodStone discourages the use of borders and flowerbeds as kitty-litters because cats (as well as dogs) don't like to dig where WoodStone's been installed.  Why?  It hurts!
The stone edges discourage digging simply because it hurts their paws to dig in stone.  Animals are very smart..... they dig in softer dirt or bark areas where digging Is easy rather than painful.

Coordinate Your Landscape...

Pull It All Together With WoodStone Decorative Rock

Have you ever had problems finding landscape products that look great together?  Maybe you've found something that looks great in your borders or groundcover areas but that particular product just doesn't look right with the stone you've picked out to line your pond or stream with.  Or it might look out of place next to the graveled path you want.
WoodStone comes in three sizes and those three sizes equal multiple uses in the landscape.  Such as in flowerbeds, as well as in streams, ponds and other water features, in pathways, on banks and slopes, in driveways and, of course, as a groundcover in borders.
You can use WoodStone to pull your whole landscape together quickly and easily for a coordinated designer look..... at a mere fraction of what it would cost to have it professionally designed!
And WoodStone isn't limited to looking great with natural products, either. 
Much like bark, WoodStone's 'look' goes well with numerous other natural landscape products as well as almost all man-made landscape products including brick, wood or cultured stone, to name a few.  WoodStone's versatility is virtually unmatched!  

Create A High-End Natural Look In Your Landscape!

WoodStone is not only one of the most versatile groundcovers available, it's also a premier landscape groundcover that creates a gorgeous high-end natural look in the landscape that sets it apart from the pack!