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Top 20 Reasons WoodStone Out-Performs Landscape Bark & Round Stone Mulches In The Landscape!

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1.  It’s “Look”

WoodStone Decorative Rock creates a very pleasing, uncommon, aesthetically appealing “look” in the landscape, similar to landscape bark yet very unique.  What WoodStone doesn’t have is that dreaded “driveway gravel look” you often end up with when using other stone mulch products in your landscape!

2.  It’s Soooo Versatile

WoodStone has many versatile uses in the landscape such as in landscape borders, flowerbeds, around trees, in pathways, driveways, creekbeds, dry creekbeds, in and around ponds, on hard to manage banks or slopes and in many, many more landscape applications.

3.  It’s Unique Shape

It’s unique thin, flat and oblong shape helps to keep it in place on banks or in sloping areas.

4.  It’s Natural Earthtone Color Palette

Because of it’s earthtone color scheme, it’s the ideal complementary groundcover product for Eagle Mtn Slate landscape rock such as flagstone, patio stone, building stone and stepping stones, as well as, numerous other natural stone and artificial stone products.

WoodStone Decorative Rock enhances other landscape elements, as well, whether natural or man-made…  such as masonry products or wood landscape products.

5.  It’s “Perfect Harmony”

WoodStone Decorative Rock harmonizes naturally with endless plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and… all things ‘natural’!  And WoodStone has a unique, stunning and beautiful over-all visual effect that is striking on its own as well.

6.  It’s Ability To Blend In

It blends well with just about any landscape or home color scheme making the possibilities almost limitless.

7.  It NEVER Needs To Be Replaced!

Drum roll please!  It never needs to be replaced to maintain its beautiful appearance which means YOU get the “look” YOU want permanently… and YOU save big over the long haul while you’re at it!

Bonus… Over time, it actually develops an even more attractive deep and natural patina when exposed to the natural elements so it looks better with age rather than worse!

8.  It’s The Best Of All World’s Wrapped Up Into One…

WoodStone won’t rot into the landscape like bark groundcovers do and it doesn’t have the drab “plain old gravel look” that other stone mulches tend to have.  Plus it’s flat instead of round like other stone groundcovers are so it goes farther and it behaves itself much better in the landscape… Yep, the best of all worlds!

9.  It’s Stone – Weed’s Worst Enemy!

Because WoodStone is a slate decorative “rock” product that doesn’t deteriorate or rot like bark does, weeds have a really hard time germinating or establishing themselves where WoodStone Decorative Rock is installed, providing it’s installed properly over a quality, undamaged weed barrier.

10.  It Won’t Burn

WoodStone Decorative Rock won’t burn and is ideally suited for use in wildfire defense spaces, especially around homes and buildings in timbered or brushy areas that could potentially be threatened by wildfires.

11.  It Really Covers The Ground

Due to it’s thin, flat, oblong shape, it covers more square footage than coarse bark and most stone groundcover products available.

12.  It’s Lightweight… Well, For Being A Rock, That Is…

Compared to most other stone groundcovers, WoodStone is a very lightweight groundcover or decorative rock.  Why is this important?

Transportation companies charge for hauling and delivering rock products by the ton.  Most aggregates or decorative rock products weigh in the range of 1.5 tons per yard.

Comparatively, WoodStone Decorative Rock weighs in at just under 1.1 tons per yard which means that more “yards” of WoodStone can be hauled on each delivery truck (dumptruck) for the very same delivery charge.

In other words, a dumptruck load of WoodStone will cover quite a bit more ground than a dumptruck load of another average, heavier stone mulch product… for the same delivery price.

13.  It’s Shipped And Used Just The Way Mother Nature Made It

WoodStone Decorative Rock  isn’t a crushed or man-made product.  It’s shape is natural.  In fact, everything about it is natural.  It’s simply screened into consistent sizes and shipped to the customer just the way Mother Nature made it.

14.  It Saves Time, Work And Money

WoodStone is very competitively priced and it saves you time, work and money in more ways than I have room to list here.

15.  It Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

An attractive WoodStone Decorative Rock landscape or rockscape can increase the value of your home by many times what it costs to purchase and install it.

More importantly, if you were to decide to sell your home, it may make the difference between your house selling over the other comparable homes for sale in your area…..homes that are competing for the same prospective buyers.  Everything else being equal, a beautiful landscape can mean the difference between your home selling or sitting.

Not only can it increase the value of your home, it can help preserve it’s value when used along the immediate exterior of your home or business as it provides a buffer zone that discourages cockroaches, termites and other destructive insects from invading your home.

In contrast, using landscape bark next to your home creates or provides the perfect conditions for these destructive insects to not only survive but thrive… and to invade your home at will.

16.  It Creates A High-End Natural Look… Even On A Budget

WoodStone has the highly desired new and innovative high-end natural look…..at an affordable price!

17.  It Reduces The Consumption Of Natural Resources

WoodStone is a permanent groundcover solution.  Therefore, WoodStone Decorative Rock reduces the overall consumption of our natural resources because it doesn’t have to be replaced yearly or bi-yearly… or ever!

18.  It Saves Water!

WoodStone also reduces water consumption, usage and irrigation costs by retaining moisture and prolonging evaporation time.

19.  It Prevents The Use Of Your Landscape Borders As “Kitty Litters”

WoodStone Decorative Rock is stone.  Cats look for nice, soft soil or deteriorating landscape bark in your landscape borders and flowerbeds to dig in.  Purrrrfect!  This is actually a big deal to me but… enough said.

20.  It’s Toxin-Free!

Unlike man-made products, such as rubber mulches, and dyed landscape bark products, WoodStone Decorative Rock is an all-natural decorative mulch that does not contain toxins that are harmful to the environment.

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