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Slate Rock Stove Hearths – Beautiful Poetry In Stone Stove Hearth

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Eagle Mtn. Slate Stove Hearth with Old World Charm

Six or seven years ago, out of the blue, stonemason Matt Goddard of Poetry In Stone in Portland, Oregon (www.poetryinstone.com) emailed a few photos of a beautiful slate stove hearth that he had completed using our Eagle Mtn. Slate flagstone.

slate fireplace hearth 004As far as I’m concerned, Matt Goddard is simply a stone artist genius… I love how this turned out!

In the subject area of his email, Matt had written “Portland stonemason loves your stone…”.  That was certainly a thrilling compliment coming from someone as talented and well recognized in the industry as Matt Goddard!

slate fireplace hearth 005

Click on the photos below to enlarge

slate fireplace hearth 002

He also went on to say the following about Eagle Mtn Slate stone…

“Pretty stuff, challenging with fissures throughout, but unmatched in this region for beauty.  I have used this product on a few unique projects.” 

Matt Goddard – Poetry In Stone

You can check out more of Matt’s work at www.poetryinstone.com.  He truly is an awesome, talented stonemason who has completed some amazing and beautiful projects!

slate fireplace hearth 003

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