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How Can WoodStone Decorative Rock Repeatedly Save You Money In Your Landscape?

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WoodStone Decorative Rock’s $$$$$ Saving Benefits!

The Amount Of $$$ You Could Save May Surprise You… Once You Add It Up!

Are you searching for a groundcover product that’s both attractive, functional and economical? Using WoodStone Decorative Rock in your landscape is sure to make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood.

However, in addition to creating an awesome looking landscape, WoodStone also stretches the landscape budget in numerous ways, including:

Finally… A Lightweight Decorative Rock Groundcover That Saves You $$$ On Freight Or Hauling

Being lightweight is a money saving benefit that allows you to save on freight costs.  WoodStone Decorative Rock is comparatively lightweight which means that the same weight of WoodStone groundcover (vs. heavier stone groundcovers) hauled translates into more yards of WoodStone being delivered per truckload.

Not to just bore you with a bunch of stats and figures… but sometimes the $$$ saving benefits of a product aren’t always readily apparent and can be hidden in the details.

Here’s what I mean:  Typically a normal freight truck hauls approximately 48,000 lbs. of product. 48,000 lbs. of most of our competitors aggregate groundcover products translates into the delivery of approximately 17.14 yards of their groundcover.

On the other hand, 48,000 lbs. of WoodStone hauled translates into the delivery of approximately 22.22 yards of WoodStone per truckload.  That means that approximately 5.08 yards (or enough WoodStone to cover another 800 sq. ft. at a 2″ depth) of additional decorative rock groundcover will be delivered per truckload if you choose to use WoodStone.

Taking that a step further:  Four truckloads of most of our competitors aggregate groundcover products would equal approximately 68.56 yards of their groundcover while four truckloads of WoodStone groundcover products equals approximately 88.88 yards of WoodStone groundcover delivered for the same cost in freight.  That’s approximately 20.32 yards more WoodStone groundcover delivered for the same cost in freight.

And one more step further:  As I mentioned above, four truckloads of most of our comparable competitors groundcover products would equal approximately 68.56 yards of groundcover, whereas three truckloads of WoodStone equals approximately 66.67 yards.

That’s comparable and almost equivalent to having a full fourth truckload of WoodStone Decorative Rock delivered freight-free!

As you can see from this example, WoodStone will save on freight and delivery costs considerably over heavier, bulkier stone groundcovers… especially in larger landscape projects.

And, even if you’re just hauling it to your project in the back of your pickup or in your pickup and trailer, you’ll be able to haul more WoodStone in one trip than other heavier groundcover products… it may even save you a trip or two (including the time and gas) depending on the size of your landscape project!

It’s Characteristic Thin, Oblong Shape Covers More Ground

WoodStone’s characteristic thin, oblong shape also cuts down on the amount of groundcover required for a landscape project simply by covering considerably more square footage due to it’s flat, oblong shape.

Never Replace Bark Again ~ You Save Money Season After Season!

Wouldn’t it be really nice to purchase and install a groundcover product that has an attractive “look” similar to landscape bark once without ever having to spend the time, work or money required to do it again and again, year after year… like you have to with landscape bark?

You can now!  Homeowners, businesses and government or public agencies enjoy saving even more time, work and money by installing WoodStone Decorative Rock just once… for years of almost maintenance free beautiful landscape borders!

You can save repeatedly year after year on the costs of purchasing bark to replace the faded and decayed bark from the previous season… as well as the repeated expense of rising freight costs to deliver the replacement bark to the site, repeated expense of labor to re-install the bark and the costs of labor to maintain the bark throughout the year.

In addition to saving time, work and $$$ repeatedly, though, by using WoodStone (which really adds up) you’ll also be helping to reduce the consumption of natural resources.  WoodStone reduces the consumption of natural resources because it’s a permanent solution that only has to be installed once for years of enjoyment rather than seasonly or yearly.

And it retains moisture, slowing the evaporation rate of water used to irrigate trees, shrubs, grasses and plants in landscape borders, reducing water consumption and costs.

Create a low-maintenance landscape by iInstalling WoodStone in your next landscape project…

Then go do something that you really enjoy during the time when you would normally be replacing bark again….. next year and the year after and the year after that…..

In an economy where every dollar counts, as you can see, WoodStone’s unique combination of natural characteristics allow it to be an excellent way to reduce landscaping cost, stretching every landscape dollar and saving you $$$…

without sacrificing beauty and functionality!

From BlueSlateRocks.comClick here to read the original article, WoodStone Decorative Rock’s $$$$$ Saving Benefits!  The Amount Of Money You Could Save May Just Surprise You… Once You Add It Up!, at BlueSlateRocks.com.

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