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Eagle Mtn Garden – August 2013

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Eagle Mountain Garden Update – August 24, 2013

The days are still warm (to hot) now but the evenings are starting to cool off a bit lately.  Fall is fast approaching and it’s time to start harvesting the year’s bounty… this is one of my favorite times of the year!

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Out in the garden, tons of tomatoes are ripening.  Zucchini’s, green peppers and cucumbers are growing, potatoes and onions are coming along well, we’re picking beans and (what’s left of the) peas, we still have lettuce for summer salads and I’ll be able to bake my first apple pie soon using apples picked from the apple trees we planted just a few years ago!

Beautiful Oriental Lilies and pretty Petunia’s still brighten the corners of the garden and I enjoy each and every evening that I’m lucky enough to spend out in the garden weeding, watering and gathering until the beautiful fall sun sets beyond the distant rugged mountains!

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