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Eagle Mountain Garden – Spring Planting

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Welcome to our new Eagle Mountain Garden!

This year we’ve started a new garden at Eagle Mountain.  So, to keep track, I’ve decided to keep a photo journal of our progress throughout the year.

Gardening at this elevation with mountain soil is brand new to me so this may get interesting.  In fact, I’m positive that there will be lots of “trial and error” going on around here… probably for a few years anyway… before I find out what works and what doesn’t…

My past gardening experience has been with the deep, black, rich soil found in the Clearwater Valley at Kamiah, Idaho.

Kamiah also had a much longer growing season where a person could grow just about anything they’d want to…

Okay, this is going to be a challenge!

So, as you can imagine, any tips or advice you might have from your own experiences with mountain gardening, especially the types of plants that do well in mountain soil and a shorter growing season, will be greatly appreciated.  Please don’t hesitate to comment and pass your thoughts along!

The photo above and the first set of photos below are of the awesome scenery and natural surroundings we truly enjoy at Eagle Mtn.  The rest of the photos are of the new vegetable garden we just finished planting this spring and the beginning of some of the flower borders, etc. we’ve started.

Eagle Mountain Scenery

Daytime view from Eagle Mtn

Our New Eagle Mtn Garden Area

Newly planted garden and raised tomato planters.

Starting the borders around the garden.

Right now things look a bit barren in and around the garden but, hopefully, that will change over time as things grow, we’re able to plant more and after we add a few landscape projects here and there.

A lot of work has already gone into our garden project, though.   Jesse cleared the area this spring to enlarge the garden area and dug out the rocky soil on top to get started.  Then he filled it back in with the top soil (delivered by Tony Petek – Petek Trucking) and we tilled in some sand to prep it for planting.

For the borders, we’ve mixed top soil and sand into the existing mountain soil and then raked out lots of rocks.  I have blisters on top of old blisters from raking rock around here!

David, Eli and I picked rock in an area that Jesse cleared and seeded for pasture and we all helped dig post holes while Jesse installed the deer fence.

Eli helped me plant the vegetables in the garden and then I went to work on the fun part – garden borders – preparing the borders and planting mainly Dahlia’s, annuals, perennials and sedum around the column rock groups Jesse placed last year.

We have a whole lot more to do but, so far, I think we have a really good start going…  lots of fun coming our way this summer!

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