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WoodStone Decorative Rock Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about WoodStone Decorative Rock groundcover and have provided the answers to those questions below.

However, if you don’t see the answer to a question that you may have, please feel free to submit your questions or comments here.   We’ll try our best to answer your questions in a timely manner!

Does WoodStone Decorative Rock have to be replaced every year like bark does?

Absolutely not!  Install it once, install it right and you’ll never need to do it again.

The really great news is that WoodStone Decorative Rock groundcover reduces the consumption of natural resources considerably as it doesn’t need to be replaced yearly or at all, if it’s installed properly over a quality undamaged weed barrier.

It also eliminates the need for all of the extra time, work, labor and expense to replace bark season after season!

Once WoodStone is installed it never needs to be replaced to maintain a beautiful natural look in your borders and landscape unless it is improperly installed or removed from the area where it was initially installed for some reason or in some fashion.

Is WoodStone Decorative Rock groundcover safe to use around plants, shrubs, grasses and trees?

Of course!  It’s a natural shale product that is absolutely safe to use around all of the above and more!  And it’s not only safe, it also looks gorgeous next to and around ‘green’ things!  I even use the smaller 1″ – 0″ WoodStone around my perennial plants.

Does WoodStone Decorative Rock help to retain water like bark does?

WoodStone Decorative Rock is a shale product that retains water as well as bark does helping to reduce the need to water as frequently, therefore reducing water consumption and the cost of extra watering.  In drought areas especially, WoodStone is ideally suited for installion in areas of the landscape to keep them weed-free and looking fabulous!

WoodStone can be installed around trees, shrubs, bushes and especially native plants that are climatized and that require less watering.

Concentrate the water by installing a simple drip water system (hidden out-of-sight underneath the WoodStone groundcover) to supply water directly to the trees, shrubs and/or plants that need the moisture and keep water usage to a bare minimum while still maintaining a beautiful landscape!

Does WoodStone burn?

Despite it’s name and resemblance to bark, WoodStone Decorative Rock is not a wood or bark groundcover product that will burn.

It’s a decorative rock groundcover product (that contains no wood) so therefore it that won’t burn.  It’s perfect for creating wildfire defense spaces around your home or business…

Does Blue Slate, Inc. deliver WoodStone Decorative Rock groundcover or Eagle Mountain Slate landscape rock?

I really wish I could say ‘yes’ here.  Unfortunately, Blue Slate, Inc. doesn’t have delivery services available at this time.  We hope to offer delivery services for wholesale customers locally in the future.

However, we do know of independent freight carrier companies who can make the deliveries.  We’re happy to pass their contact information on to wholesale customers, when necessary, so that arrangements can be made for shipment of the natural stone products from the quarry to the customer.

How is WoodStone Decorative Rock shipped & delivered?

Normally, for local wholesale customer deliveries, WoodStone Decorative Rock is shipped loose (in bulk form) using dumptrucks, usually hauling 30 yards per truck and trailer.

Or it can be purchased packaged in 1/2 yard and 1 yard supersacks that are then loaded and shipped on a flatbed semitruck that can haul from approximately 22 yards (on a regular flatbed semitruck) to over 29 yards of WoodStone (on a maxi-semitruck) per truck load.

Some WoodStone Decorative Rock distributors may offer delivery service or the customer can pick up the WoodStone at the distributors sales yard or store, depending on the individual distributors’ policies.

Please contact the distributor in your area for information concerning shipping or delivering WoodStone Decorative Rock products.

Where can I purchase WoodStone Decorative Rock groundcover?

WoodStone can be purchased (at wholesale pricing) by retail sales customers, landscape supply yards and stores, nurseries and retail companies that would like to distribute our products  shipped quarry-direct from Blue Slate Quarry.

For more information about purchasing WoodStone quarry-direct, please call Blue Slate, Inc. at 509-447-5000 (office) or 509-671-2605 (quarry).

Homeowners, contractors and other retail customers can purchase WoodStone Decorative Rock and Eagle Mtn Slate landscape rock locally at the following quality retail sales yards and stores. Click here for contact and location information for these quality WoodStone retail distributors.

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