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Eagle Mtn Lightening Strike!

It Gets a Lil’ Exciting At Times…Photos of Our Lightening Struck Tree Last month, lightening struck a tree very close to the house during the early morning hours in the midst of a wild and crazy thunderstorm… bringing us out of a sound sleep very, very quickly! I just came across photos that I had […]

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Favorite Recipes ~ Flavorful Sliced Cucumbers and Onions

Printable Version of “Flavorful Sliced Cucumbers & Onions” Recipe What in the world can we do with all the cucumbers this year?!?! Fortunately, we have several neighbors (without gardens) to share our slicing cucumber crop with and we also plan to make pickles out of the pickling cucumbers.  So that will take care of most […]

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The New Slate Landscape Rock Photographer At Blue Slate, Inc.!

Our New Eagle Mountain Slate Quarry Photographer We’ve just “hired” a brand new “quarry photographer” at Blue Slate, Inc.!  He’s a bit inexperienced, kind of short in height and he tends to have a short attention span… sometimes… as well. But he’s awfully cute and he works for “bonus time” for playing WII games!  And, […]

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