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WoodStone Rock Garden – Plants and Flowers

Starting Our Eagle Mountain Garden Borders Sedum, grasses, Dahlia’s and Lily’s planted in the garden borders so far… Sedum flat’s I found at CostCo 🙂   Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide

Eagle Mtn Garden 7-26-13 (2) 750x1000


How To Order WoodStone Decorative Rock Bagged Products

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Coming Soon!

decorative rock mulch


Coming Soon!



Please use the form below to contact Blue Slate, Inc. or to submit any questions or comments you may have. 🙂

Making Firewood And Finding A Treasure… Having Fun Preparing For Winter?!

As The Seasons Change – Winter Prep And Making An Awesome Discovery… Summer is coming to an end.  For us, summer has flown by at warp speed this year! Of late, in fact, our attention seems to have suddenly turned to preparing for winter, almost abruptly. As the evenings cool and the mornings greet us…


The New Slate Landscape Rock Photographer At Blue Slate, Inc.!

Our New Eagle Mountain Slate Quarry Photographer We’ve just “hired” a brand new “quarry photographer” at Blue Slate, Inc.!  He’s a bit inexperienced, kind of short in height and he tends to have a short attention span… sometimes… as well. But he’s awfully cute and he works for “bonus time” for playing WII games!  And,…


Rock Placing – Shoring Up The Road Along The Pend Oreille River

Spokane, Washington KHQ News Video – Flooding At Cusick, WA In the KHQ News video below, Jesse Schacher from Blue Slate, Inc., helps to shore up the banks of the River Road near Cusick, WA today where the rising waters of the Pend Oreille River have undercut and eroded the bank of the river and…


How Can WoodStone Decorative Rock Repeatedly Save You Money In Your Landscape?

WoodStone Decorative Rock’s $$$$$ Saving Benefits! The Amount Of $$$ You Could Save May Surprise You… Once You Add It Up! Are you searching for a groundcover product that’s both attractive, functional and economical? Using WoodStone Decorative Rock in your landscape is sure to make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood. However, in addition…