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WoodStone 037 700x525

WoodStone Rock Garden – Pic Of The Day 6-29-2013

WoodStone Decorative Rock ~ June 29, 2013 Bird Baths, Sedum, Oriental Lilies, Curly Grass  and WoodStone Decorative Rock ……….   Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide

011 800x600

WoodStone Rock Garden – Oriental Lilies

Rainy Days and “Sun”days! I hadn’t been out to the garden for a few days because of all the darn rain and the thunder storms around here lately. This morning we had tons of sunshine, though.  So I decided to check on the flowers and the veggies… and, to my surprise,  I saw beautiful Oriental…

053 800x600

Top 20 Reasons WoodStone Decorative Rock Out-Performs Landscape Bark And Round Stone Mulches In The Landscape!

1.  It’s “Look” WoodStone Decorative Rock creates a very pleasing, uncommon, aesthetically appealing “look” in the landscape, similar to landscape bark yet very unique. What WoodStone doesn’t have is that dreaded “driveway gravel look” you often end up with when using other stone mulch products in your landscape! 2.  It’s Soooo Versatile WoodStone has many…

168 800x600

WoodStone Rock Garden – Pic Of The Day 6-26-2013

WoodStone Decorative Rock  ~ After The Rain…   Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide

Tom Turkey 047 700x260

Tom Defending His Harem

A Busy, Busy Day Out In The Yard It poured down rain today but that didn’t stop nature from taking it’s course concerning the area wildlife just outside in the yard. Even before I found out that the Boston police had the second Boston Marathon terrorist cornered this afternoon, I struggled while trying to get…

018 640x457

Wildlife At Eagle Mountain – April 14, 2013

Enjoying The View From Our Dining Room Table Below:  Photos of the deer and turkeys enjoying a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon at Eagle Mountain.   Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide    

033 640x457

Spring Courtship Dance

~ Spring Is In The Air ~ There were a few positive signs today that spring might actually be here… The deer were out grazing and playing in the yard. And the turkeys are beginning their yearly courtship ritual. Such a wonderful time of renewal… All is well at Eagle Mountain! I spent most of…

031 640x479

Eagle Mountain Garden – Fall 2012

Eagle Mountain Vegetable Garden Update A few photos of the beginning of “harvest” time 2012 at Eagle Mountain Garden… Cherry Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuce and Zucchini Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide

044 800x600

Favorite Recipes ~ Flavorful Sliced Cucumbers and Onions

Printable Version of “Flavorful Sliced Cucumbers & Onions” Recipe What in the world can we do with all the cucumbers this year?!?! Fortunately, we have several neighbors (without gardens) to share our slicing cucumber crop with and we also plan to make pickles out of the pickling cucumbers.  So that will take care of most…

Zucchini Bread (30)

Favorite Recipes….. Easy Zucchini Bread!

For A Printable Version of  “Easy Zucchini Bread” Recipe, Click Here We picked the first of our ripe zucchini’s yesterday so it’s time to do some baking!  I also grated some extra zucchini up, while I was at it, to throw in the freezer.  It will be used this winter to make fresh baked Zucchini…