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157 800x640

WoodStone Rock Garden – Maroon Dahlia’s

Maroon Dahlia’s in the WoodStone Rock Garden – Late September 2012 The maroon dahlia’s I planted in our WoodStone Rock Garden in 2012 were one of my favorite flowers in the rock garden.  I bought them already planted and blooming in pots and then planted them in the rock garden.  They continued to bloom well…


WoodStone Decorative Rock Photo Gallery ~ Strong Cr. Project #1

WoodStone Decorative Rock Landscape Borders Click on the photos below view the photo gallery. Strong Creek Project #1 Photo Gallery Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide

slate fireplace hearth 003

Slate Rock Stove Hearths – Beautiful Poetry In Stone Stove Hearth

Eagle Mtn. Slate Stove Hearth with Old World Charm Six or seven years ago, out of the blue, stonemason Matt Goddard of Poetry In Stone in Portland, Oregon (www.poetryinstone.com) emailed a few photos of a beautiful slate stove hearth that he had completed using our Eagle Mtn. Slate flagstone. As far as I’m concerned, Matt…

WoodStone Decorative Rock Pathway 700x524

WoodStone Decorative Rock – Pic Of The Day 9-30–2013

WoodStone Pathway Leading to Eagle Mtn Garden WoodStone Decorative Rock Pathway   Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide

628 800x582

WoodStone Before and After Photos

Updated WoodStone Landscape Rock Border Wow!!!  What a difference a little slate rock, WoodStone Decorative Rock, time and elbow grease makes!  Throw in a few plants, a little driftwood and you’ll have a beautiful border just like Julie’s!  Check out her before & after photos below to see what a huge difference she made in…

WoodStone Decorative Stone Borders (2)

WoodStone Decorative Rock Borders

Country Cottage Project ~ WoodStone Decorative Rock Borders and Pathway  We did the landscape project pictured below a few years back at a rental home that had a very, very unappealing entrance. Former owners had kept their dogs in the front yard where the main entrance to the home was located.  Their dogs were large…


Eagle Mtn Sunset – Pic of the Day 8-24-13

Gorgeous Eagle Mountain Sunset A beautiful sight we just never get tired of… Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide

065 800x596

Eagle Mtn Garden – August 2013

Eagle Mountain Garden Update – August 24, 2013 The days are still warm (to hot) now but the evenings are starting to cool off a bit lately.  Fall is fast approaching and it’s time to start harvesting the year’s bounty… this is one of my favorite times of the year! Out in the garden, tons…

Eagle Mtn Garden 7-26-13 (14) 800x600

Eagle Mtn Garden – Mid-Summer 2013

Eagle Mountain Garden Update – Mid-Summer 2013  We got a bit of a late start planting the garden this spring but everything seems to be doing fine.  We added a few new raised beds (bordered with slate ledgestone) earlier this spring and created pathways throughout the garden. And… our apple trees are producing apples for…

Photo 033 700x500

WoodStone Decorative Rock – Pic Of The Day 7-23–2013

~ Pretty Angel Bird Fountain in a WoodStone Garden ~   Copyright © 2014 WoodStone Decorative Rock   All Rights Reserved World Wide