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Stone Creek 001 900x396

WoodStone Decorative Rock landscape borders professionally installed by Stone Creek Landscape at the new Event Center in Priest River, Idaho.

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What Is WoodStone Decorative Rock?

WoodStone Decorative Rock is a beautiful, natural slate "chip" landscape groundcover product available in three different sizes... making it one of the most versatile and useful decorative rock products available for the landscape.

How Do You Use WoodStone?

The various ways WoodStone can be used in the landscape are almost endless. Due to it's popular, appealing natural earth-tone color scheme (very similar to the "look" of bark) WoodStone Decorative Rock is commonly used in the landscape as a landscape bark replacement.  But that's the "tip of the "iceberg" and just one of the many ways WoodStone can be used!

Stone Creek 002

WoodStone Decorative Rock landscape borders professionally installed by Stone Creek Landscape at the new Event Center in Priest River, Idaho.

Numerous homeowners, business owners, utility companies, and government agencies who are tired of replacing bark every spring have already switched to WoodStone Decorative Rock to save lots of time, work and money with a beautiful, permanent low- maintenance WoodStone landscape.

157 800x640

When Do You Need To Replace It?

Never!  That's the best part!  Install WoodStone over weed barrier once to create beautiful, low-maintenance borders or flowerbeds in your own landscape and forget about installing - and paying for - landscape bark ever again!

WoodStone doesn't fade, rot or blow away like landscape bark does... and it just keeps looking better and better with age and exposure to the elements as it's beautiful patina darkens over time! How's that for a change of pace?!

Where Can WoodStone Be Used?

Anywhere and everywhere other landscape products are used!  It can be used almost anywhere landscape bark is used but, unlike bark, it can also be used in ponds, streams, walkways and other areas of the landscape. 

WoodStone 002

In drought areas or where water resources are restricted, WoodStone is also a very popular choice for xeroscape landscape projects because of it's natural "earthy" patina, the variety of available sizes and it's water saving tendencies.

The use of decorative landscape rock with a matching color scheme in various sizes creates "texture" and adds interest in a xeroscape while also providing a coordinated "finished" look in the finished landscape.

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WoodStone Decorative Rock Products

WoodStone Regular   (3/4" - 2 1/2" Bulk)

WoodStone Decorative Rock 015

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WoodStone "Pea Gravel" (0.5 Cu. Ft. Bags)

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WoodStone "Medium"  (0.5 Cu. Ft. Bags)

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Why WoodStone Decorative Rock?

How Can WoodStone Decorative Rock Save You Money In Your Landscape...Repeatedly?

WoodStone Decorative Rock’s $$$$$ Saving Benefits! The Amount Of Money You Could Save May Just Surprise You… Once You Add It Up! Are you searching for a groundcover product that’s both attractive, functional and economical, as well?

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Slate Rock 053 800x293Top 20 Reasons WoodStone Out-Performs Landscape Bark And Round Stone Mulches In The Landscape!

WoodStone Decorative Rock creates a very pleasing, uncommon, aesthetically appealing “look” in the landscape, similar to landscape bark yet very unique. What WoodStone doesn’t have is that dreaded “driveway gravel look” you often end up with...

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Step-By-Step "How-To" Landscape Projects

Step-by-step landscape projects using WoodStone Decorative Rock landscape products.